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On the Watertown Seal is a picture of an English Colonist and an Indian exchanging, as peace tokens,  bread for fish.  Captain Roger Clap landed at Nantasket Point in 1630 and rode up Charles River to Gerry's Landing with the first party of Watertown Colonists.
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Town Calendar

  1. Watertown Middle School Site Council Meeting

    March 31, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM @ Watertown Middle School Library
    68 Waverley Street
    Watertown, MA 02472

  2. Special Meeting: Planning Board Hearing

    March 31, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM @ Town Hall Town Council Chamber

    Amendment to Watertown Zoning Ordinance: The proposed amendments would modify the following sections of the Ordinance: • Article II, Definitions; Sections 2.34; 2.42; 2.55 • Article IV, General Use and Dimensional Regulations; Sections 4.10; 4.11(a) and 4.11(b) • Article V, Tables of District Regulations; Sections 5.03(2); 5.03(7); 5.04; 5.05(f); 5.05(k); 5.04(s) and 5.05(n) • Article VI; Automotive and Bicycle Parking Requirements; Sections 6.01(b); 6.01(e); 6.01(f); 6.01(g); 6.02(a); 6.02(k) and 6.07(a.1) • Article VII; Signs and Illumination; Sections 7.01(h); 7.01(j); 7.01(k); 7.03(a.1); 7.03(a.5); 7.03(b.1); 7.03(b.2); 7.03(b.4); 7.03(d.2); 7.03(g.3); 7.06(b) and 7.06(e) • Article IX, Enforcement and Application Procedures; Sections 9.03(c.7) and 9.08(e) The proposed amendments would add the following sections to the Ordinance: • Article IV, General Use and Dimensional Regulations; 4.11(d); 4.11(e) and 4.15 • Article V, Tables of District Regulations; Sections 5.03