Zoning Relief Petitions

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The table below provides information for petitions prior to March 2020, with a link to documents for the petition.

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Please note that this table is no longer being updated as of March, 2020.  New projects are posted on the new webpage: Permit History Search

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Prior Projects before 3/11/2020:                                                    
ZBA-2020-05   735 Mt. Auburn St  To change non-conforming auto garage to non-conforming landscape business  PB Meeting 3/11/2020  Approved
ZBA-2020-04   215-217 Orchard St Construct mudroom, increasing non-conforming rear setback   PB Meeting 3/11/2020  Approved
 52-54 Channing Rd  Construct 2-story open deck, increase Building coverage and FAR  PB Meeting 3/11/2020 Approved
 23 Elm St  Adult Use Marijuana at site of Medical Use  ZBA Hearing 1/22/2020
 45 Bates Rd  Extend non-conforming 2nd floor deck Withdrawn Withdrawn
 18-20 Porter St  Extend non-conforming driveway ZBA Hearing 3/25/2020 Approved
166 Main Street
Construct a mixed-use 5-story building with 34 residential units & 1,050 s.f. commercial space
ZBA Hearing
101 Walnut Street 
(see 85 Walnut for details)

Allow an access easement (for 85 Walnut) and parking lot reconfiguration
ZBA Hearing
85 Walnut Street
Construct a 213,500 s.f. office/research and development/lab building and associated parking 
ZBA Hearing 3/25/2020 Approved
122 Grant Avenue
Increase lot coverage from 28.1% to 30.7%
ZBA Hearing 12/18/2019 ZBA

28 Nyack Street 
Construct a second floor addition
ZBA Hearing

650 Pleasant Street
Demo 5,000 s.f. of existing building to construct new 15,700 s.f. addition for office, lab/manufacturing
PB Hearing 
 ZBA-2019-25 SPF
53 Columbia Street
Construct a second floor addition within non-conforming side setback
ZBA Hearing 11/20/19
ZBA-2019-24 SPF  99-101 Lexington Street
Expansion of non-conforming driveway without 4-foot buffer
ZBA Hearing 3/25/2020  Cont'd at ZBA 2/26/2020
 ZBA-2019-23 Comprehensive  19 Coolidge Hill Rd 40B - to construct housing units ZBA Hearing 1/22/2020  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2019-29  19 Coolidge Hill Rd Demolish Existing Building; Construct Self Storage
ZBA Hearing 2/26/2020 ZBA
 None  85 Walnut Street New Commercial/Office/Lab Building and Site Work 9/24/19 Developers Conference 
 PB-2019-04 SP  311 Arsenal Street To allow up to 500 parking spaces for offsite uses   PB Hearing 10/10/19  New
ZBA-2019-22  SPF
 3 Belknap Terrace  Construct second floor addition - Non-conforming front and rear setbacks  ZBA Hearing 9/25/19  ZBA
 49 Phillips Street  Addition to and conversion of single family to 2-family  ZBA Hearing 9/25/19  ZBA
 ZBA-2019-20 SPF  72 Townly Rd  Construct new 2nd, 3rd floor - side setback  ZBA Hearing
 None  166 Main Street  Build a new mixed use project 8/27/19 Developer's Conference Complete
 ZBA-2019-19 SP/SPF  22 Priest Rd Add 1/2 story, increasing FAR; add rear deck, maintaining rear & side setbacks ZBA Hearing
 101-103 Morse St  Convert Commercial to 37 residential units ZBA Hearing 10/23/2019 ZBA
 ZBA-2019-17 SPF  6 Hovey St  3rd floor dormers & deck, side yard setback ZBA Hearing 9/25/2019  ZBA
 PB-2019-03  485 Arsenal St., Building G  Modify from residential to lab, office and R&D  PB Hearing 7/10/2019  PB Approved
 101 N. Beacon St  28 Unit residential Condos; 41 parking  ZBA Hearing 7/24/2019 ZBA
 ZBA-2019-16 VAR  36-38 Hillcrest Cir  Front yard parking without buffer  ZBA Hearing 12/18/2019 ZBA Denied
Appealed 1/21/2020
 ZBA-2019-15 SPF  48-50 Carroll St Extend non-conforming Driveway  ZBA Hearing 7/24/2019 ZBA Approved
 16 Waltham St  Expand 2-story structure, front, rear setbacks ZBA Hearing on 6/26/2019 ZBA Approved
 28 Nyack St  Remove and expand 2nd fl, increase non-conforming building coverage ZBA Hearing 6/26/2019 Withdrawn
 ZBA-2019-11 SP & SPF  15 Fuller Rd Increase FAR, building coverage, maintain non-conforming setbacks for decks on 2 floors ZBA Hearing on 8/28/2019  ZBA Approved
 18-20 Clyde Rd Amend condition  #7 to remove landscaping ZBA Hearing 2/26/2020 Requested Continuace 
Appeal ZEO
 410 Belmont St  States not required to file for special permit  ZBA Hearing
ZBA Denied -Appealed on 9/25/19
 ZBA-2019-07 SP  19 Loomis Ave  Construct new two-family with FAR .58 ZBA Hearing 9/25/19 Withdrawn
 ZBA-2019-08 SPF  649 Main St  Construct rear single-story addition within setback Certificate of Granting 6/26/2019 ZBA Approved 5/22/2019
ZBA-2019-06  195 Mt. Auburn St Conversion of commercial space on Lower and 1st floor to residential unit with existing residential unit on 2 & 3 floor and previous permitted comm on 1st floor to remain for total 2 residential   ZBA Hearing 4/24/2019 ZBA Approved - Appealed on 5/21/2019
 PB-2019-02  385 Pleasant St  Modify Building E & F PB Meeting April 10, 2019  New
 Not assigned  485 Arsenal Street - Phase 5 - Building G  Developers Conference  Tuesday, March 26, 2019  For Review by Town Departments
 ZBA-2019-05  11 Nichols Ave  Convert commercial unit to 4th residential  Filed Town Clerk 4-10-19
ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2019-04  234 Warren Street  Non-Conforming Accessory Apartment Filed Town Clerk 4-10-19  ZBA Denied
Not Assigned
485 Arsenal Street Phase 5, Building G:  Change from Residential to Office/Lab  January 30, 2019 at 6:30 PM.  At the Mall Offices  Community Meeting
 ZBA-2019-03  195 Mt. Auburn St  Change commercial unit to residential  Filed Town Clerk 4-10-19 Withdrawn
 ZBA-2019-02  73-75 Morse St  Appeal Determination of ZEO  ZBA Meeting 2-27-19 Withdrawn
 ZBA-2019-01  122 Grant Ave Increase non-conforming building coverage.08% ZBA Meeting
ZBA Approved
 PB-2019-01  586 Pleasant St  Change use to light manufacturing  Planning Board   New 1-8-19
 25 Bancroft St  Non-conforming dormer  Removed 11-21-18  Incomplete
 ZBA-2018-30  22-24 Brimmer St  Enclose existing non-conforming front porch  Removed 11-21-18  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2018-28 and
 36 Arlington Street and 570 Arsenal Street  Fitness center, office, commercial, warehouse building with off-site shared parking (30 spaces)  Recorded at Registry of Deeds  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-27  56 Putnam St  Increase non-conforming FAR ZBA Meeting 12-19-18 ZBA Denied
 ZBA-2018-26  36 Arden Road  Side yard setback - resubmit previous approval  ZBA Meeting 12-19-18  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-25  195 Mt. Auburn St  Change in non-conforming use (to residential) 12-19-18  Withdrawn
 Text Amendments  Amend Zoning in Various Districts  Final Action by Town Council Planning Board Recommends Adoption  Town Council Hearing on November 27, 2018
 ZBA-2018-24  11 Mason Road  Front Entry Mudroom, increasing FAR  ZBA Meeting 9-27-18  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-23  527 Pleasant St (aka 541)  Temporary storage of housing modules  ZBA Meeting 
 ZBA Approved
 PB-2018-05  485 Arsenal St., Building A, 2nd fl  Change of use, Exterior Features, Open Space  PB 9-12-18  Planning Board Approved 
 ZBA-2018-22  80 Elm St  Self Storage, Commercial R&D, Community Space  ZBA Meeting 9-27-18  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-21  71 Bradford Rd  Garage Under, Front Yard Access, Two-Family  ZBA Meeting 9-27-18 ZBA Approved 
 ZBA-2018-20  169 Sycamore St  Home Occupation with Accessory Truck Parking  ZBA Meeting 8-29-18  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-19  14-16 Theurer Park  Off-Street Parking without required buffer  ZBA Meeting 7-25-18  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2018-18  99 King Street  Accessory Truck Parking ZBA Meeting 7-25-18
 None Assigned  80 Elm Street  Developers' Conference  6-26-18  Complete - See petition above
 PB-2018-04 485, 615, 617 Arsenal St  Phase 4 final Site Plan Approval for mixed use buildings C, D, and E2  PB 6-13-2018
 PB Approved
 ZBA-2018-17  143 Walnut St  Install Wireless Antennas  ZBA Meeting 6-27-18  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-15  101-103 Morse St  Conversion of a commercial/industrial building to 36 residential units  ZBA 10-24-2018  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2018-14  10 Puritan Rd  Construct a second floor expansion ZBA Meeting 6-27-18  ZBA Approved
 ZBA-2018-13  36 Arlington St  Reduced parking for mixed use PB 8-8-18  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2018-12  35 Longfellow Rd  1-story rear addition, lot coverage - SPF  ZBA 5-23-18  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2018-11  249-251 Orchard St  2-story rear addition, FAR - SP  ZBA 5-23-18 Approved
 ZBA-2018-10  49 Prescott St   Convert Single to Two on undersized lot - Appeal ZEO  ZBA 5-23-18  Withdrawn
 PB-2018-03  580 Pleasant St  Parking Lot for Gain  Town Clerk 6-6-18 Withdrawn
 PB-2018-02  490 Arsenal Way  Sign Permit Plan  PB Approved  
 ZBA-2018-09  490 Arsenal Way  Convert emergency vehicle egress to truck delivery egress  ZBA 4-25-18
 ZBA-2018-08  575 Mt. Auburn St   1,887 s.f. addition to restaurant  ZBA 4-25-18
 ZBA-2018-07  187 Chapman St  1.5 story addition above existing house ZBA 4-25-18 Approved
 ZBA-2018-06  28 Robbins Rd  225 s.f. single story addition  ZBA 4-25-18
 PB-2018-04  485 Arsenal St  Buildings C, D and E2  PB 6-13-18  Approved
 ZBA-2018-05  53 Wilmot St  734 s.f addition  ZBA 3-28-18 Approved
 ZBA-2018-04  33 Mt. Auburn St  Mixed-Use Dev't - 15 res/2 commercial spaces  ZBA 3-28-18 Approved
 ZBA-2018-03  36-38 Hillcrest Cir  Variance for Front Yard Parking ZBA 8-29-18  Withdrawn
 PB-2018-01  47 Nichols Ave  Additional 8,410 Gross Floor Area - Dover Amendment  Approved 2/14/18  20 day appeal expires 3-7-18
 ZBA-2018-02  15 Arden Road  Construct new 2nd floor roofline, 3rd floor dormer, extend garage   Approved 1/24/18  Record at Reg of Deeds
 ZBA-2018-01  47 Nichols Ave  Enclose 1st floor, expand 2nd floor, add retractable roof  12-15-17  Incomplete
 ZBA-2017-17  125 Russel Ave  Special Permit for short term rental  PB did not approve  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2017-16  42-44 Morton St  Appeal ZEO - Short term rental  ZBA 11-29-17  Denied
 NONE  311 Arsenal Street/Arsenal on the Charles/athenahealth Revisions to Campus Signage Guidelines  PB  Approved
 PB-2017-06  485,615, 617 Arsenal St Sign Special Permit  PB 11/8/17 Approved
 PB-2017-05  385-393 Pleasant St  6 buildings; 58 Residential units; 11,589 s.f. Commercial/Retail/Light Industrial PB Hearings
11/8/17; 1/10/18; 2/14/18; 3/19/18
 PB-2017-04  485,615, 617 Arsenal St Phase III, Building F - Increase residential units and floors  PB 10/19/17  Approved
 ZBA-2017-15  54 Langdon Ave  Expand 2nd and 3rd floors  9/22/17  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2017-14  9 Hersom St  2nd floor addition above existing 1st floor  ZBA 11/29/17 Approved
 ZBA-2017-13 65 Grove St  Add covered loading dock  ZBA Approved 9/27/17 Recorded at Registry of Deeds
 ZBA-2017-12 42 Grenville Rd  Convert portion of porch to bath  ZBA Approved 9/27/17  Recorded at Registry of Deeds
 ZBA-2017-11 143 Walnut St  Install panel antennas   ZBA 11-29-17 Withdrawn
 PB-2017-03  485 Arsenal St  Phase IIA - Building B Build-out   7/12/17 Approved
 ZBA-2017-10  36 Arlington St  Convert portion of former Super Fitness to bakery, retail and cafe  6/28/17 Withdrawn
 ZBA-2017-09  36-38 Oakland St Enclose non-conforming second floor porch  6/28/17  Approved    
 PB-2017-01  485 Arsenal St - Phase One  Phase One of Master Plan:  Arsenal Yards - Demolition and Site Work  5/10/17  Approved
 ZBA-2017-08  71 Arlington St Create Parking Lot for Gain  6-19-17  Cancelled
 ZBA-2017-07  223 Palfrey St  Add second floor  6/28/17  Withdrawn  
 PB-2017-02  586 Pleasant St
 Special Permit/SPR for Conversion > 4,000 square feet   5/10/17  Approved
 ZBA-2017-06   136 Acton St  2nd floor addition  4/26/17 Approved
 ZBA-2017-05  15 Arden Rd  2nd floor, 3rd floor and garage additions  3/20/17 Withdrawn
 ZBA-2017-04  101 Walnut St  Interior expansion  2/15/17 Approved
 ZBA-2017-03  23 Elm St  Medical Marijuana Treatment Center  5/23/17 Approved
 ZBA-2017-02  101-103 Morse St  Conversion to apartments  9/27/17 Request w/d ZBA 9-27-17
 ZBA-2017-01  44 Piermont St  Construct 2nd floor and attic on Cape-style structure 12/19/16 Approved 2/8/17
 PB-2016-06  330-350 Pleasant St  Construct Mixed Use - 99 residential units, 18,759 s.f. Retail  11/14/16 Approved 2/8/17
 ZBA-2016-18  100 Warren St  Wireless Telecommunications  11/14/16 Approved 2/8/17
 ZBA-2016-17  174 Edenfield Av  Appeal Determination of ZEO for enforcement of Home Occupation  10/17/16 Denied       11-30-16
 ZBA-2016-16  615 Arsenal St Outside Merchandise display & sale, reconfigure parking lot  10/17/16 Approved 12/14/16
 ZBA-2016-15  625 Pleasant St Additional Parking  10/17/16 Approved 12/14/16
 PB-2016-05  45 Bacon/60 Howard Sts  Two-level amenity space between buildings 1 & 5  9/19/16 Approved 10/13/16
 PB-2016-04  311 Arsenal St athenahealth Master Plan Phase I - Garage & Commercial Space  9/19/16 Approved 10/13/16
 PB-2016-03  485 Arsenal St Arsenal Project - Mixed Use; residential, retail, entertainment  9/19/16 Approved 1/12/17
 ZBA-2016-14  28 Robbins Rd  Extend 1 story rear for kitchen expansion 9/19/16  Cancelled
 ZBA-2016-13  32 Church St  Construct 5 townhomes  8/15/16  Approved  11-2-16
 ZBA-2016-11  11 Molloy St  New 2-family with front approaching garages  6/13/16  Approved    8-24-16
 PB-2016-02   30 Manley Way (formerly 20 Seyon St)  Convert warehouse to recreation  5/10/16  Approved    6-8-16
 ZBA-2016-10  266 Belmont St  Parking Space  4/12/16  Cancelled
 ZBA-2016-09  9 Bartlett St  Full second floor addition with attic  4/12/16  Approved    8-24-16
 ZBA-2016-08  124 Marshall St  Two-story rear addition; expand garage  4/12/16  Approved    6-24-16
 ZBA-2016-07  Pleasant St  Utility Pole Cell Antennas  4/12/16  Withdrawn 11-30-16
 ZBA-2016-06  Waverley Ave  Utility Pole Cell Antennas  4/12/16  Withdrawn   5-25-16
 ZBA-2016-05  32 Grenville Rd  Non-Conforming Addition  3/8/16  Approved    4-27-16
 ZBA-2016-04  21 King St  Parking of Truck  3/8/16  Approved    6-24-16
 ZBA-2016-03  55 Bigelow Ave Change use - Retail to Catering  3/8/16  Withdrawn   4-27-16
 ZBA-2016-02  154 Langdon Ave  Home Occupation  3/8/16  Cancelled
 ZBA-2016-01  72 Winsor Ave  Home Occupation  2/10/16  Approved    4-27-16
 PB-2016-01  311 Arsenal St  athenahealth Master Plan - Files are large and take time to load  5/10/16  Planning Board 6-8-16
 ZBA-2015-26  8 Hardy Avenue  To extend an existing, non-conforming driveway/parking within the 4ft buffer  12/15/15  Approved 3-23-16
 ZBA-2015-25  195 Mt Auburn St  Change of use  10/21/15  Approved 1-27-16
 ZBA-2015-24  121 Garfield St  Single story rear addition  11/16/15  Approved 12-16-15
 ZBA-2015-23  25 Langdon Ave  Front porch addition  10/19/15 Approved 12-16-15
 ZBA-2015-22  30 Pilgrim St  Full 2nd Floor; 1-story addition  10/19/15  Approved 12-16-15
 ZBA-2015-21  Waltham St Lot 3  New single family  10/19/15  Approved 12-16-15
 ZBA-2015-20  252 Common St  Rear Addition and Deck  9/14/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-19 124 Watertown St  Install Cell Antennas, Equipment  9/14/15 Approved 1-27-16
 ZBA-2015-18  82 Highland Ave  Construct 2nd floor over existing 1st floor  8/17/15 Approved 12-16-15
 PB-2015-01  600 Pleasant St  Convert 1000+ s.f. warehouse to light manufacturing  6/15/15 Approved
 ZBA-2015-17  480-3 Arsenal St  Linx - Convert warehouse to 185,000 s.f. of office with 2nd access via Nichols Ave  5/18/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-16  11 Fuller Road  Enlarge two-story rear porch  5/18/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-15  95 Chapman St  Reconstruct 2nd story  4/21/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-14  319 Arlington St  Re-designate parking for garden  4/21/15  Incomplete
 ZBA-2015-13  311 Arsenal St  Retail Shed  4/21/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-12  23-25 Green St  Increase height to non-conforming side yard  3/16/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-11  47 Ralph St  Extend 1st floor for ADA  3/16/15  Cancelled
 ZBA-2015-10  80 Elm St Appeal Zoning Enforcement Determination - Snow Storage   3/16/15  Denied
 ZBA-2015-09  195 Mt. Auburn St Amend SP for conditional parking 3/16/15  Denied
 ZBA-2015-08  31 Grandview Ave Add dormer to non-conforming side yard  3/16/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-07  56 Irving St + parcels at Arsenal St  Mixed Use - 282 residential; 11,000 s.f. retail/commercial  2/17/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-06  80 Elm St  5-story, 102 room hotel  2/17/15  Denied
 ZBA-2015-05  76 Westminster Av  New two-family with FAR allowed by SP  2/17/15  Approved 
 ZBA-2015-04  14 Morse St  Extend Operational Hours  2/17/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-03  25 Langdon Ave  Construct addition to non-conforming side yard  1/20/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-02  18 Hudson St  Construct new two-family with front facing garages  1/20/15  Approved
 ZBA-2015-01  217 Watertown St  Convert single to two without required frontage  1/20/15  Denied
 Preliminary SPR  80 Elm St  Raze building; construct hotel  12/16/14  Complete
 ZBA-2014-28   28 Fayette St   Raze portion; rebuild 2-family  10/22/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-27   65 Grove St  Construct garage for 125,000 s.f. office  10/20/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-26  631 Mt. Auburn - 268 Arlington St  Raze existing; construct 18,000 s.f. building; 41 parking (CVS)  9/9/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-25  34 Olcott St   Front Yard Parking  9/9/14  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2014-24  68 Piermont St  Constructed non-conforming garage  8/20/14  Denied
 ZBA-2014-23  85 Garfield St  Home Occupation - Psychotherapy  8/20/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-22  28-30 Prentiss St  Raze existing 2 family; construct new 2 family with front entrance garage  7/25/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-21  12 Dana Ter   Attach non-conforming garage to house; attach egress  7/25/14  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2014-20  60 Russell Ave  Addition within non-conforming side yard setback  7/25/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-19  33 Robbins Rd  raze, alter, enlarge non-conforming garage  7/25/14  Approved
 PB-2014-02  20 Seyon St  Family Gym & Warehouse  7/16/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-18  21 No. Beacon St   Change existing non-conforming use to non-conforming auto dealer with accessory auto service use  6/16/14  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2014-17  570 Arsenal St  Construct 150 room hotel; 121 parking spaces at former Saab site  6/16/14  Approved 
 ZBA-2014-16  4-6 Sexton St   Raze existing house; construct new 2-family  6/16/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-15  11 Yukon Ave  Add 3rd Floor Dormer  6/16/14  Approved
 Preliminary SPR  570 Arsenal St  Raze former Saab showroom; construct 6 story, 148 room hotel; 122 parking spaces  5/13/14  Complete - see case # above
 Preliminary SPR  Irving & Arsenal  Construct 288 residential units; 14K s.f. retail  4/15/14  Complete - see petition
 ZBA-2014-14  311 Arsenal St  Construct 3 temporary sheds  4/22/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-13  216 Highland Av  Convert Cape to Colonial  4/22/14  Approved
 PB-2014-01  917 Belmont St  Add 4880 s.f. gym to school   3/17/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-12a,b  202-204 Arsenal St, 58 Irving St  Mixed Use (a) and Commercial (b) projects  3/17/14  Approved (see preliminary below)
 ZBA-2014-11  41 Lowell Ave  Single story addition  3/17/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-10  85 Walnut St  Replace existing signs  3/17/14  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2014-09  497-499 Main St  Add roof over existing landing  2/25/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-08  86 Madison Ave  Construct single story addition  2/25/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-07  238 Bellevue Rd 2nd Floor addition above existing sunroom  2/25/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-06  1 Dana Terrace  Appeal Zoning Officer determination - illegal unit  1/21/14  Denied
 ZBA-2014-05  314, 330 Arsenal St & 121-125 Walnut St  Raze Pre-Owned Lexus building, convert portion of 125 Walnut to showroom, improve site  1/21/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-04  270-274 Palfrey St  Construct 4 residential units  1/21/14  Approved
 Preliminary SPR  330 Arsenal St, 125 Walnut St  Raze Used Vehicle Building, move sales office to Walnut St building  12/17/13  Complete - see case # above
 Preliminary SPR  202-204 Arsenal St, 58 Irving St  Commercial and Mixed Use projects  
12/17/13 & 2/13/14
 Preliminary complete - see case # above
 Preliminary SPR  270-274 Palfrey St  Construct 4 residential units  12/10/13  Complete - See case # above
 ZBA-2014-03  49 Grenville Rd   Construct front porch  12/10/13  Approved
 ZBA-2014-02  417 School St  Add third floor dormers and second floor outside egress  1/21/14  Approved
 ZBA-2014-01  38-40 Porter St  Construct third floor shed dormer  12/10/13  Incomplete
 PB-2013-07  192 Pleasant St  Construct 7 Residential Units;
14 Parking Spaces   
 11/18/2013  Approved
 ZBA-2013-31  354 Arsenal St  Rebuild gas station; 1-story retail building  11/18/2013  Approved
 ZBA-2013-30  11-13 Union St  Add two 3rd floor bathroom dormers  11/18/13  Approved
 Preliminary SPR  240 Palfrey St  5 Residential Units; 10 Parking Spaces  Not accepted  N/A
 ZBA-2013-29  33 Mt. Auburn St  4-Story, 24 Residential Units; 1,979 s.f. Retail; 36 Parking Spaces  10/21/13  Approved
 PB-2013-06  700 Pleasant St  Customer Pick-up & Storage Area  10/21/13  Additional Relief Requested
 ZBA-2013-28  86 Common St  Construct Tree House Platform  9/10/13  Denied
 PB-2013-05  45 Bacon St &
 60 Howard St
 Construct 5 Buildings; 65 Residential Units; 10,000 s.f Commercial  9/10/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-27  179 Chapman St  Appeal Determination of Zoning Officer -  Unpermitted Apartment  8/19/13  Denied
 ZBA-2013-26  65 Gleason St  Enlarge front landing; add roof  8/19/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-25  152 Bellevue Rd  Add two-car garage; patio above and wrap-around deck  8/19/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-24  9-11 Putnam St  Add dormer, increase FAR, add 3rd floor deck, enlarge rear 2-story porches  7/22/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-23  55 Bigelow Ave  Allow existing unpermitted signs  7/22/13  Denied
 ZBA-2013-22  450(458) Arsenal St  Convert warehouse to recreation  7/22/13  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2013-21  43-45 Hersom St  Enclose 2-story front porches  7/22/13  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2013-20  35R Parker St  Add 2nd Floor bay window  7/22/163  Approved
 Preliminary SPR  45 Bacon St  Mixed use; 73 residential units, 4,000 s.f. retail  6/17/13  Complete - see case # above
 Preliminary SPR  33 Mt. Auburn St  Mixed use; 24 residential units, 2,000 s.f. retail  6/17/13  Complete - see case # above
 ZBA-2013-19  244 Edenfield Ave  Convert to 2-family with front garage; existing curb cut  6/17/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-18  615 Arsenal St  Outdoor display & sale of merchandise and truck rental  5/20/13  Rental Withdrawn; Hours Approved
 ZBA-2013-17  55 Bigelow Ave  Outdoor display of merchandise  5/20/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-16  93 California St  Replace attached garage with new 2 floor living area  5/20/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-15  Void      Void
 ZBA-2013-14  37 Winsor Ave  Addition to rear porch  5/20/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-13  Void      Void
 ZBA-2013-12  75 Nyack St  Second Floor Addition  5/20/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-11  27-29 Union St  Existing Non-Conforming Driveway  4/16/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-10  40 Union St  Existing Non-Conforming Driveway  4/16/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-09  90 Westminster Ave  Addition to Second Floor  4/16/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-08  65 Main Street  Wireless Telecommunication  4/16/13  Approved
 PB-2013-04  600 Pleasant St  Frozen Food Warehouse & Distribution  3/12/13  Approved
 PB-2013-03  45 Bacon St  41 Residential Units  3/12/13  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2013-07  64 Grove St  Offsite Parking for Tufts extended office use  3/12/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-06  65 Oakley Rd  Raze single; construct/expand on existing foundation  2/19/13  Denied
 ZBA-2013-05  33 Grenville Rd  Raze two-family; construct single family  2/19/13  Approved
 Site Plan Review  45 Bacon St  41 Residential (condo) units  1/29/13  Reviewed
 ZBA-2013-04  448 Main St  Addition to building; exterior/interior seating; parking  1/22/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-03  290 Pleasant St  Install wireless antennas  1/22/13  Approved
 ZBA-2013-02  16 Sunset Rd      Construct 2 side dormers and gable roof  12/16/12  Approved
 ZBA-2013-01  34 Longfellow Rd      Construct Front Porch  12/16/12  Approved
 PB-2013-02  69 Howard St      Personal Training Gym  12/16/12  Active
 PB-2013-01      192 Pleasant St      Construct 14 Residential Units  12/16/12  Denied
 ZBA-2012-27  378-380 School St  Non-conforming Driveway Buffer - Variance (see SPF)  10/15/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-26  3-5 Middlesex Rd      Non-Conforming two-story porch     11/13/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-25  378-380 School St  Non-conforming Driveway Buffer - Special Permit Finding (See VAR)  10/15/12  Denied
 ZBA-2012-24  14 Rutland St  Re-establish Lapsed 2004 Approval  9/10/12  Voided
 ZBA-2012-23  462 Mt. Auburn St  Replace, Install Wireless Antennas  9/10/12  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2012-22  36 Arden Rd  Construct Rear Deck  9/10/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-21  38 Emerson Rd  Increase Maximum Height  9/10/12  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2012-20  57-59 Channing Rd     Add 3rd Floor dormer  9/10/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-19  615 Arsenal St  Seasonal Outdoor Sales  7/10/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-18      31 Russell Av  Home Occupation  7/10/12  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2012-17  124 Watertown St  Install monument sign  7/10/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-16  74 Lincoln St  Extend existing structure for garage use  7/10/12  Approved
  PB-2012-03  560 Pleasant St  Modify approved plans  5/8/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-15  2 Rosary Dr  Replace existing telecommunications antennas  5/8/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-14  28-32 Center St  Raze existing, construct new two-family townhouse  5/8/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-13  11 Dwight St  2nd Floor rear addition and two 3rd floor dormers  5/8/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-12  21 Bartlett St  Enclose rear porch for additional living space  5/8/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-11  Repton Cr.,
 Lot 806-3-0
Modify approved site plan, Phase II of Repton Place to  construct 206 dwelling units  4/9/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-10  805 Mt. Auburn St Replace existing antennae and equipment  4/9/12  Approved
    PB-2012-02  24-26 Bridge St Occupy space for Vinfen adult day habilitation  3/9/12  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2012-08  66 Edenfield Av     Add two-car garage under existing building  3/9/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-07  401-405 Main St     Enlarge existing storage room, add loading dock  3/9/12  Withdrawn
 ZBA-2012-06  368B Arsenal St Occupy 2,100 s.f. existing space for car stereo installation  3/9/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-05  14 Fayette St Increase height of existing structure  3/9/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-04  21 Franklin St Legalize existing two-family from single family  2/10/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-03  24 Green St Add half-story 13'x22' living area  2/10/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-02  20 Summer St 5-story mixed-use Assisted Living with Retail on 1st floor  1/12/12  Approved
 ZBA-2012-01  87 Lovell Rd Enclose 2nd floor sunroom  12/19/11  Approved
    PB-2012-01  46 Elton Av and 43 Bigelow Av Site Plan Review for 6,200 s.f., 2-story addition - St. Stephen's Elementary School  12/19/11  Approved
    PB-2011-03  Stanley Av a/k/a Waltham St Multi-family project proposed to have 222 units.  Modified to have 155 units.  08/29/11  Approved
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