Watertown Community Access Center Cable TV Programming

WCATV Logo Opens in new windowWatertown Cable Access Corporation 


Since 2005, Watertown Cable Access Corp has been Watertown's Public, Education, & Government Access (PEG) station. WCA-TV’s mission is to provide local cable access to the residents of Watertown. 


The Public channel consists of community events, news, and locally produced programming. On the Education channel, you will find school events, sports, library presentations and WHS student produced programming. The Government channel provides gavel to gavel coverage of local municipal meetings, including town council, school committee, zoning board, and more. WCA-TV also streams online 24/7 and all videos can be accessed on-demand anytime on wcatv.org


The best part about WCA-TV is that programming consists primarily of content produced by the Watertown community. All you have to do is complete a few short training sessions to gain access to the studio and equipment. To get you started, WCA-TV offers several different workshops in field camera and studio production, as well as video editing. You are free to express yourself in a multitude of ways and are not limited to what you can produce. 


To Watch Live Online or Video on Demand: vod.wcatv.org



Channel information:

  • Public - Comcast 9 and RCN 3
  • Government - Comcast 99 and RCN 13
  • Education - Comcast 8 and RCN 15