Geographic Information System - GIS and Map Collection

GIS in Watertown

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer resource that makes map creation and information retrieval efficient and easy. The Town of Watertown uses GIS to create, maintain, and analyze spatial data. GIS has become an important component for projects throughout the community. Some examples of Watertown's GIS data include zoning, roads, buildings, tax parcels, water and sewer, and aerial photography.

Online Maps

The Town has an Internet-based mapping interface for accessing GIS data. The MapsOnline map application allows anyone to access GIS data, create custom maps for areas of interest, and look up information like tax parcel data. The online map can be used to search for specific areas of town and can also be used to look at specific layers of data within these zoomed-in areas. The application is designed for creating custom maps which can then be downloaded (to PDF) or printed directly from the web application.

Static Maps

The Town has also developed maps for print and download. Specific mapping projects may have evolved from requests by Town Departments or may have evolved from resident requests for specific information not available on the web. These maps provide specific information in a printable form.

Maps Available for Viewing & Download

Map NameDescriptionUpdate/Amended
Public MapsOnline ViewerOnline custom mapping with tax parcel, zoning, aerial, road, and other data by MapGeo.Continual
Historic MapsLink to Watertown Library online collection of Historic MapsAs needed
Zoning (PDF)Zoning and overlay districts with streets  (11 inches by 17 inches)07-08-08/06-07-11
Voting Precincts (PDF)Precinct map showing Town Council Districts (11 inches by 17 inches)11/16/11
Streets (PDF)Street Index Map with building footprints12/28/07
AssessorAssessor Property Tools


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